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BC help/opinions- Estarylla pills

I stopped taking BC pills about 3 months ago and have not stopped spotting/bleeding some days itll be heavier then others but majority of the time will be heavy. before taking pills I got the depo shot but stopped that after 1 shot because it was making me lose weight and my moods were crazy on top of the constant bleeding, so I was prescribed the estarylla pills took those for a few months but stopped because it was giving me the same affects as the depo just not the bleeding during the time I was taking them. when I did stop the pills I did not know at the time that stopping mid pack was a bad thing. I do have an appt with a doctor just wanted to get some opinions on it.
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That's rough.  I'm sorry it's hard.  I think that our bodies adjusting and reacting to hormone changes can definitely give us abnormal bleeding.  That you have not stopped bleeding though or three months is extreme.  I will tell you that my mother had a hormone imbalance.  She was low on progesterone and would bleed nonstop unless she took progesterone tablets.  This article says that it can take up to 3 months to start getting back to normal and that bleeding can occur due to the absence of hormones (like with my mom).  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/late-period-after-stopping-birth-control#what-to-expect  When is your doctor's appointment?
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its on sept 28th
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