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I Missed 2 bc pills during second week. Could I be pregnant?

Hi, I am 36 and have been on the pill consistently for the last 6 years. I missed 2 pills in a row during the second week, and of course had unprotected sex with my husband the day I realized I missed after doing so. I ended up taking 3 pills at once and then carried on the pills as normal. Had no break through bleeding. Now I’m into the placebo week and would normally expect my period in 2 days from now. I have been very crampy, could I still get it or is it possible I’m pregnant? I’m really nervous... it was just the one time but all this stuff I’m reading is making me more nervous. Wondering if anyone else went through this
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Oh boy.  You may have messed up your normal cycle.  The thing is, you don't really get 'periods' on the pill. The pill works by preventing ovulation.  What you get during the placebo week is spotting (from the cessation of hormones).  You never actually ovulated.  Missing pills may trigger ovulation and makes the pill ineffective for some.  Normally though, missing 2 days will work out.  After two days, the instructions are to talk to your doctor and not take the placebo week.  You probably didn't get pregnant from this.  If anything strange is occurring though, take a test.
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