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I'm home bound, any way to obtain birth control?

Hello, I'm a healthy 24 year old female with no real medical history. I'm unable to visit a doctor and leave my home, I know there must be people unable to leave their homes as well in need of prescriptions.
Is there anything I can fill out online? I am truly lost and have been needing Birth Control for several months.
Thank you to who replies.  
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If you are healthy, why are you unable to leave your home?  Do you mean literally never able to leave for even an hour?  Why would that be, is someone preventing you from leaving?  

I don't think there is any way to just order birth-control pills online, though you can probably get condoms online.
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You could get an IUD.  That would only be a couple of visits to the ob-gyn and then you're done.  You have to have your checkups anyway.  You can't be sexually active without having a doctor.
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