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Implanon- side effects??


I have the Implanon in my arm. I have tried many types of birth control. Had to go off of the pill because of a medication I was on for migraines. I tried merina and ended up with chronic ovarian cysts. Apparently my mom had then frequently but didn't tell me so I didn't think of it being an issue for me as a side effect.

I have had the Implanon in for almost a year. I have gained 30 pounds, haven't had a cycle in 5 or 6 months. Have almost constant PMS symptoms, cramping, bloating, mood swings but no relief. I have an appointment for an Ultrasound on Wed. and a follow up a week from friday with my dr. I was just wondering what other peoples experience with this is? Also I'm off of the migraine med and on a different one so I can go back to the pill. My husband and I don't really care about it as a contreceptive but I have PMDD with horrible cramps so I have been on birth control for almost ten years because of that.

I really would appreciate any responses even if it is someone who went through something similar!
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Ive had a baby 5 and a half months ago i decided to go with the implannon as birth control but i have it in atleast 4 and a half months now and i find im a conatant period lol ive non stop bleeding with this sorry for the tmi but i feel its constantly draining me ive bein feeling sick constantly dizziness tiredness but my main problem is my breasts have become very lumpy and i have recently came accross a pea sized lump right at the top of my boob ive had it checked by the doctor she didnt mention anything frightening just that i should use primrose oil as it could be my hormones..but i really cant help but worry is it down to the bar in my arm ? Or could it be from constantly having a period or what ? Freaking out a little any information would do ? Im only 22 and dont want it to be anything serious if anyone had this please let me know thanks ...
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I havent had that many side-effects..ive had mood swings and pregnancy symptoms (nausea, cramping, and soooo tired) but nothing that i can't live with.

i think i have put weight on but mostly thats me being lazy but i do think the implant holds your weight.

I dont get periods with it...just a bit bleeding every now and then....and i really cant complain. as a student nurse its helped me as if i was on placement for a 12 hour shift with period pains.....well, no thank you!
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