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Panicking! Should I be worried? Am I pregnant??

So here is the story.
I have been on Lolo a bc that has really low levels of prog and est and therefore I dont really get any periods. Dr has been telling me this is normal however as you know the monthly reminder is kind of reassuring to let you know that you are not preggers.
This month my brother was in the hospital and I missed a 3 pills and just resumed my normal pack after missing 3. There was 1 regular pills left and 2 estrogen only and 2 placebo. I had sec with my hubby on the Saturday and this was day 1 of my new pack. We use a condom usually but not from the beginning. Usually during the middle sorry for the tmi. The following day my breasts started to hurt and nipples sore. I got super super paranoid and decided to do two tests on the tuesday. I know stupid but I did a preg test and an ovulation test. My hubby was like the chances are rare so why dont you do an ov test if its negative you might have some peace of mind. A. You didnt ovulate and your pill is still working B. The ovulation kit can maybe detect early pregnancy. So now the results. Preg test negative but ovulation test positive. Huh ? What?? I am so confused now. So its either I did get preg and they are showing the early hcg hormone on the ov test or I am actually ovulating which is making me have sore
Breasts and nipples?
Can someone share any similar story?
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That is a little confusing.  I will say that I always found ovulation tests unpredictable and not very helpful to really understand anything.  You used a condom during ejaculation so basically some early thrusting when you might not have coverage from your pill. That makes the odds in your favor that you didn't get pregnant.  Breast tenderness and things like that are hormonal in nature.  You also screwed up your pills so your hormones may be reacting, if that makes sense.  the time in which a pregnancy test is accurate is 2.5 weeks after you had sex.  Has it bee that long?
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Thank you for your answer. The test was about a week after. So I am guessing it wont even be detectable. But I heared ovulation tests can detect levels of hcg as well as an early indicator. I was so puzzled since it came out positive since I shouldn't even be ovulating in the first place.
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