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Period or bleeding from emergency pill?

1 months ago, I asked a question if I can get pregnant if the condom broke (there was only precum) and taking an emergency pill after .
I had sex on the 14th of March. I also took the emergency pill on the same day . I was supposed to get my period on the 23rd of March, but I got it on the 20th of march . But now I’m anxious again and now I’m not sure if it was my period or bleeding, side effect of the emergency pill. The bleeding or period was heavy and It only lasted 4 days (normally it lasts 7 days)
My next period is supposed to come on the 15th of April.
So it’d would be great if someone could answer if it was my period or bleeding from the emergency pill and if there is a chance of becoming pregnant.
I’m really worried m.
Thank you so much !
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So, the morning after pill or emergency contraceptive is a big huge dose of hormones which is how it works to prevent pregnancy from happening.  However, those same hormones linger.  That can cause a woman to be irregular for the next 2 to 3 months.  Being late, spotting, bleeding more than normal are all common things that happen with plan B.  Everything okay now since you posted this awhile ago?
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Hey!! Thank you so much for clearing it up :) I got my period every month since Plan B , but it doesn’t last so long anymore. My period used to be 7/8 days long, but now it’s 5 days and I’m actually happy about it . Thank you!! :)
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