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Plan B and hair loss?

Hi, I am 27 years old and have started losing a lot of hair. Last summer, I took plan B, then again in the fall. Since then, my hair has been thinning like crazy. I took it one last time a little over a month ago, and now my hair is falling out again and is not growing back anywhere.. Has anyone experienced this or have any knowledge as to whether plan B can cause hair loss? If so, when will it stop, and will it most likely grow back? My husband is getting a vasectomy within the next 2 months, so I won't be taking that ever again. I know it's bad to take it that often... Anyway, I've gotten my blood checked, and my iron was a little low, but my ferritin is within normal range..on the lower end of normal, though. I have been taking biotin everyday along with prenatal vitamins, and it's not working. I've just noticed a pattern of excessive hair loss a few weeks after taking plan B. If it doesn't slow down or stop, I'm afraid my scalp is going to start showing. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Hi there,
Plan B is levonorgestrel and effective in unprotected sex.The side effects are delayed menses, nausea, dizziness, lower abdominal pain, fatigue, breast tenderness etc.Hair loss is definitely not a side effect and it could be due to other causes.Stress,nutritional deficiencies, iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism all can cause hair loss. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease which can cause hair loss. See a dermatologist. A clinical examination is very important for correct diagnosis and management. I hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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Dr. Sharma please do your research. Levonorgestrel is a cause of hair loss in women. Every single birth control that contains high androgen index progestins can cause hair loss. Stop telling women Plan B and birth control pills don’t cause hair loss. They do. The more doctors that understand this - the less of a problem women will have as they can make an informed choice. Please do your research. A simple search on any big BCP air IUD containing high androgen index progestins will show you this. Mirena, Plan B, Loestrin and many more. If you are a DR in the US please look up FDA complaints. Hair loss is a huge one linked to these. They are underreported- it is a huge problem most are unaware.
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