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Spotting, brown discharge & cramping while on continous BC's

I have been on CONTINOUS Yasmin for about 5 weeks and I started to have bloating, cramping, brown discharge, and spotting about 5 days ago.  I have been recently diagnosed as having PCOS.  My question is "My doctors put me on BC so that I would not be having these same symtoms and I AM!, what is wrong?" I also have been diagnosed as having low ferritin {this is another reason the dr's wanted me to be on BC to completly get rid of my period} Is there possibly something else going on?  

Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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Spotting is a common problem with continuous birth control. You might just try switching brands - it could be that Yasmin just doesn't work very well with your natural body chemistry. Lybrel was originally intended to be used continuously - was there some reason you were on Yasmin instead? Expense reasons?

I have friends with PCOS... It seems to me that they have to experiment a lot with different kinds of birth control, and that it can be frustrating because there is no one perfect treatment for everyone. However, that doesn't mean that you should have to put up with this. Keep trying, go back to your doctor and don't give up. My friends with PCOS eventually found brands that work well for them. Good luck!
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My Gyn just took me off of it b/c I was starting to bleed heavily.  I guess now I possibly am going to be getting a laproscopy to find out if I have endometriosis.

Do you know what BCPS your friends were on that worked?  I am only on BCPS to control the bleeding and symptoms of PCOS or Endo; not on it for the control method.
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