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Stopped Birth Control 5 months later no real period

I stopped taking YAZ after 4 years. My husband and I are ttc.

The first withdrawal bleed was normal, i have since had 4 cycles but my "period" is literally a spot of brown a day for 5 days.

I have always been regular before this and the last time i went off BC (after only a year 8 yrs ago) everything went back to normal right away. 32 day cycle -heavy, medium light periods 5-7 days.

I AM NOT PREGNANT. I'm tired of people saying I am. I test almost weekly.
I am not overweight or underweight.
I eat healthy, mostly organic. Take my vitamins.
28 yrs old.

I am worried should I be? When will I get a normal period again?
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You should go see your obgyn
Your hormones might be messed up from the birth control
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my obgyn wont see me until October because of insurance :-/
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Have you called around to different obgyns to see if there was another one that would see you sooner
sometimes there are other ones willing to take new patients
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