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I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and after that we noticed there were a large hole on the top of the condom. I took an emergency pill (1.5mg dose) almost immediately. But 15 days before yesterday, i also took another emergency pill. I'm suffering breast pain (supposed to be 1 of the by-effects of the pill) and my vagina smells kinda fishy now (i don't know?!). Will i be pregnant? And as the time between 2 pills is quite short, how can it affect my health?
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Hi.  Ugh, condoms work great except when they break, right?  So, emergency contraceptive when taken right away like you did works pretty well. However, please know it is a big dose of hormones which is how it works to make sure you don't conceive.  But then all those hormones are in your system.  This is when you get a few side effects.  Things like tender breasts would be common but also an irregular cycle for 2 to 3 months. Since you took two emergency contraceptive pills relatively close together, that could be an even extended time.  Normally you can get a positive pregnancy test about 2.5 weeks after the condom break incident if you conceived so you can take a test then to verify you aren't pregnant. Then you can go from there.  And you may consider getting on the pill.  As long as you take the pill regularly, you are pretty safe from pregnancy and if you use condoms as well, that much safer.  

Now the smell that is fishy could be bacterial vaginosis.  This happens and the hallmark sign is a bad odor and kind of thin, greyish discharge.  The smell may come and go.  Antibiotics are used to treat it.  Can you get to a doctor about this?  If you do, maybe they can give you a pregnancy test and talk to you about the pill too..  BV is not always sexually related.  Women can just get it. But it also can be passed between sex partners if the male has it on him and passes it to the girl or if she has it and passes it to him.  

Do you have Planned Parenthood near you if you don't have a doctor?
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If possible, i really want to know what the percentage of getting conceived is. I'm just 18 and i wouldn't like to get married or have kids in the next 6 years :) it's was an incident and i hope it won't go too far.
By the way, this is the sencond time i have had that fishy odor. It isn't itchy and doesn't produce any unusual discharge. I read some other posts about the causes and one of them said it might be due to the dryness during sexual intercourse, which can break the balance of the environment and make way for the bacteria, and i did experience the dryness.
We both are very concerned, and the more important issue is the risk of pregnacy.
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