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Which Birth Control ???

hey everyone
i am currently about 6 months pregnant with baby #2
and after this pregnancy im not planning on having any children for a while
and im looking into birth control so that way ill know what exactly i want when the time comes.. i was thinking about the mirena? but im still contemplating and i was curious of everyone elses positive and negative experiences with the various types of birth control..((mirena, nuva ring, the pill, shot, and ect.)) and your input would  help thanks !!!!
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I will suggest the arm implant, tho im biased cause its worked really well for me and its in there for 3 years ^_^
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I am very biased in response to the mirana. It triggered ovarian cysts to grow which caused me to have pain for six months and then surgery with a two week long recovery. Apparently if ANYONE in your family has ever had ovarian cysts you should not go on mirana. Otherwise it was uncomfortable (to say the least) getting it in but a painless ease to get it out. So weigh your options. If you have no family history of cysts then I would say go for it.

I have used nuva ring, loved the ease etc. It fell out during intercourse quite often and had to store them in the fridge, so hope company doesn't come over! Now I've known two people who didn't have the same problem I had with intercourse but it is a very nice birth control to try.

I'm currently on implanon (implant in your arm every 3 years that releases progesterone) I don't like my side effects. No period for like 6 months (contstantly wondering if I'm preg.) Even though I'm married we are not planning on kids.

I loved both seasonique and Yaz as far as the pill goes. Both had minimal side effects and worked well with my body.

Good luck chosing the right one for you! Just take family history into account!
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ok thanks!
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