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Why hasn’t my period started yet?

So I’ve been on a new birth control since January and it’s a progestin only pill. I have gotten my period on this pill every month and now I’ve been due since Tuesday and it still hasn’t started. I have never missed a period ever. I have all the pms symptoms too: slight cramping, migraines, mood swings, etc. there’s no chance of pregnancy I’m not active at the moment.
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Argh. Hormones are such a pain. And once we start influencing them by adding new ones in the form of BC, it can get more complicated.  I've been there!  This is a progesterone only oral contraceptive?   That is something in which women will begin to have lighter periods over time and may skip them after having them for a while.  This does happen.  Irregular periods is the most common complaint of women using the progesterone only pills.  Talk to your doctor about it next time you see them.  :>)  
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Ok I’ll keep this in mind. I will message her about it. Thank you for your input :)
no problem!  Let me know what your doctor says!
I received a message from my doctor today regarding this. She said it wasn’t a cause for concern and probably the pill.  Might skip a period or never have them again while I’m on it
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