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Anemia after Surgery (but NO blood loss)

45 year old female.  I had a tonsillectomy in April for chronically infected tonsils.  (Should have had it done year ago!). Anyway, at my PRE-op bloodwork:

Hematocrit  = 38   (ref range for lab 36-46)
Hemoglobin = 13 (pretty much normal number for me most of the time).   (ref range for lab 12 - 16)

One week post-op I had my routine physical and my bloodwork showed (same lab for all tests):

Hematocrit = 35
Hemoglobin  = 12.3.  

Considering this was a very bloodless surgery (confirmed by my ENT), is it posible to have a drop in these numbers simply due to the healing process and the body trying to handle the post-surgical healing?  These labs were taken just 6 days post op.  It was an extremely painful recovery process (10 days of a severely painful soar throat that Percocet barely touched!)

My primary suggested a follow up CBC which I just did (5 weeks out from surgery):

Hematocrit = 36
Hemoglobin = 12.4.  

So my numbers came up just slightly.     I'm just curious if the healing process causes these dips in hematocrit and/or hemaglobin?

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I should have noted that my PRE-op bloodwork was done 1 month prior to surgery. So my post-op bloodwork that was done for my physical was 5 weeks after the original bloodwork,, but only 1 week after surgery.

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