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Blood pressure and Cholesterol treatment

. I am a 62 year old male. I take 40mg simvastatin for cholesterol , also 10mg amlodipine and 40 mg lisinopril for blood pressure . what are side effects?
As well as this I have received letter from my Doctor stating that my medication is changing from 40 mg Simvastatin to 10 mg Atorvastatin .
.BP and cholesterol is under control.
Issues I have in recent years is significant and worsening swelling of ankles and legs , as well as Erectile dysfunction . Is there any better drugs or treatment?
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Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker while lisnopril is an angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE) inhibitor. Both groups of drugs and simvastatin are unlikely to cause erectile dysfunction. However yes, all three of them can cause swelling of ankles. Talk to your doctor. You can change your medications. Among antihypertensives you need to avoid  thiazides , beta blockers and alpha blockers.
High blood pressure and reduced blood supply to penis can also cause erectile dysfunction. Hence consult an urologist too. Take care!
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Hi Same With Me I Am To See My Doctor Next Week,I'm Not Very Happy With The Situation!Regards
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