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Blood test results

I have recently received my blood test results from the doctor...She told me to cut down on fats in my diet...

The outside of range, results are;

Lymphocytes                    48
Glucose                           110
Cholesterol                      228
Triglyceride                      214
Hdl cholesterol                33
non hdl                            195
Ldl Calc                           152
VLDL Chol                        43
Chol HDL Ratio                6.9
Creatine Kinase               343

Why? I don't eat fast food, don't eat red meat, don't eat junk food and am 10 lbs overweight.  I exercise and am very active, I eat tons of vegetables and fruit and don't eat much sugar or any fried foods.... The only medicine I am taking is Omeprazole.

I am in remission from Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, I never drink alcohol and have never smoked...
While I was in Cancer Treatment I was diagnosed with Pagets disease...of the skull...They gave me Reclast...could the Reclast cause these abnormal numbers?
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Why did your doctor tell you to stop eating fat? It's called junk science and Ancel Keys has a lot to answer for. Life Extension tells it how it is...

"Atherosclerosis remains a disease of unknown cause. Many factors more important than cholesterol—such as stress, smoking, hypertension, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, diabetes, and low testosterone (in men)—contribute to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.17-19 Despite this, the theory that cholesterol is the dominant villain responsible for atherosclerosis has been promulgated for over 60 years, making the pharmaceutical industry’s anti-cholesterol campaign the most profitable medical myth of all time."

Speaking of myths, acid reflux due is always due to high stomach acid is another one. My mother took nexium for almost 6 years for severe GERD and severe LPR and her mental and physical health deteriorated badly (due to lowering stomach acid essential for nutrient absorption and killing off fungi, bacteria and parasites).

I searched for an answer and couldn't believe it when i read this - high stomach acid is rare. What!? Causes include anything from age to zinc deficiency. O_O Why didn't i know this!  Tried the baking soda test i found online...bingo - severely deficient stomach acid!  Ditched the nexium and onto betaine HCL with pepsin supplements (increases stomach acid) and digestive enzyme supplements (helps with digestion). Goodbye GERD and LPR and hello health.
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"Once upon a time, a scientist named Ancel Keys did an awful thing. He published a study about different countries that made it look like heart disease was associated with fat intake. But the truth was that he started out with 22 countries and just tossed out the ones that didn’t fit his hypothesis! When other researchers analyzed his data using all the original countries, the link between fat and heart disease totally vanished. Keys was a fraud, and he’s the reason my mom made me eat skim milk and Corn Chex for breakfast instead of delicious bacon and eggs. LET HIS SOUL BURN. BURN! BUUUUUURN!" - The Truth About Ancel Keys: We’ve All Got It Wrong

Ha! I kept eating my bacon and eggs. :)
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