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C3 & C4, WBC all low

Hello, I recently visited an allergist/immunologist because I had an angioedema on face episode out of nowhere.  I also feel run down at the end of the day and my lymphnode at my neck gets swollen and sore like I am about to get sick.  After a good nights rest I feel better in the morning.  I have Raynauds.  7 years ago I had acute Candida for over a year, which I got rid of through diet - zero sugar.  I am 36 years old, 5'11" and 129 pounds, active yogi.  The Dr. determined through allergy blood tests that I have no food allergies, including gluten.  And we determined that I do not have HAE or Acquired.  My C4 test is 14L, my C3 test is 89, both indicated as low borderline. My WBC count is 4.1, and my % Neutrophils are low 3.5, my ESR is 2, CRP is 1.1.  My kidneys and liver function came back normal.  My TSH is 3.2, FT4 is 1.1, T3 is 82. I am waiting for my ANA results.  My father has lymphoma papalosis and my Aunt as sarcodosis, my Grandmother had lupus.

Am I on my way to an auto-immune disease?  

Or do I have some sort of infection - bacterial or viral or a parasite?

What should my next step be?  

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The only issue I recognize is the low WBC count.  People undergoing Chemo for cancer often suffer from low WBC and RBC counts and there are very expensive shots to boost these cells.  

I'd ask the doctor if there is some diet that would help boost WBC counts.  I know iron enema can result in low RBC (hemoglobin)  levels... or it did in my case. Short term addition of an iron supplement solved the problem.
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Thanks for your feedback. I am now actually looking into the possibility that my breast implants are making me feel sick and my body is fighting an infection.  I found a Fr. That specializes in this.  Thanks!
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