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CBC : WBC 1900, neutrophils: 25%, lymphocytes: 66%

Since he has suffered from bone marrow supresion 6 months ago and after few months therapy everything got back to normal, but his number are getting low again and specialy the WBC cound and its differentials are falling bellow normal due to which has got lower respiratory tract infection though we have started Impenem/cilastatin antibiotics for the last five days he is not getting any better, please if anyone can suggest a better treatmemt to get his numbers back to normal to fight the infection thanksss
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Hi there, did he recently finish treatment for something? I'm going to take a look at your page, see if I can glean anything.
Hang in there
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I'm back I don't see anything except that his white blood count is through the roof if you are indicating 1,900 as the number.
If you could provide more information we could try to help.
Have you talked to the doctor about this?
The doctor would know the best way to treat whatever this is.
I'm sorry I don't have enough information.

Why was his bone marrow suppressed? Do you know what caused it?

In example, I treated Hepatitis C, this suppressed my bone marrow.  I wasn't given anything to help me and my body slowly improved.
But I know that there are medication that can help in certain situations.

I will keep checking back
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I don't know if this will help or not, I hope it explains a little, I am guessing you are saying that the WBC is 1.9

White blood cells (leukocytes or WBCs) are the body's defense against infection and other foreign substances. Like other blood cells, WBCs are produced in bone marrow. To do their job, an adequate number of white cells must be produced and available in the bloodstream to get to where they're needed. When either production or availability is reduced or they are being destroyed too rapidly, the white count goes down.

And even if there are enough white cells, if they are not normal in function, as is the case with leukemia, symptoms of disease will appear.

The normal white blood count varies from person to person and with age. Children typically have slightly higher counts than adults; they range from 4,500 to 10,000.

Neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, account for approximately 70 percent of our supply of those cells, so a low white count usually means low numbers of neutrophils. When the number of neutrophils gets below about 1,500, the condition is called neutropenia. Neutrophils are primarily directed to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Lymphocytopenia is the abnormally low count of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes make up 15 to 40 percent of all white cells and are central to the immune system. They protect the body against viral infections and help control bacterial and fungal infection. They also produce antibodies and fight cancer.
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