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CBC Results.. is this normal?!

Ok. I've been having some crazy stuff going on with my health. I will try to keep it short: I've been having these "episodes" of pins/needles feeling in hands and face/head/lips.. swelling of the face and hands.. whole upper body flushing.. fast heart beat.. passing out.. severe stomach pains and diarrhea.. they all happen at once.. the episodes usually last 30 mins to 2 hours.the flushing will last for up to a few days (mainly stays on face/neck/chest). I have no Known triggers. I also have daily symptoms of fatigue, bone pain in my hands, feet, thighs, hips, arms, back and neck. I have chronic headaches. I have night sweats. I flush in my face all the time. I have heart palpitations that take my breath away and make me dizzy. I itch but have no visible rash. Ive been having increasing brain fog as well. My blood pressure is always normal other than being low during episodes. I've seen a gastroenterologist, allergist/immunologist, and now I'm seeing an oncologist/hematologist. I've had a colonoscopy, EGD, cat scan of my brain, cat scan w/ contrast of my abdomen/pelvis, I've been blood tested 3 times for angioedema, I've been tested for carcinoid through blood and urine tests, I've been tested for common food allergies, and lupus. All has come back normal. I just had some more blood work done and just got the automated electronic results (I haven't had my results follow up appt with my hematologist yet). Anyway most of those results were normal with the exception of a few things. IPF (immature platelet fraction) normal range was 1.1-7%... mine was 0.0%. My RDW was a bit below normal, too (37.8%, normal range is 38.5-54.4%). My immature granulocyte ABSOLUTE count was 0.03%, normal being 0%. Should I interpret these things as normal still since all my other counts were normal?
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