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CBC getting lower

Hi, I have a lot of weird symptoms so I am visiting the doctors a lot since beginnings of this year with no answer. My symptoms are: chest pain, mild muscle pain, mild joint pain and postural tremors and fasciculations in all my body. The doctors performed me a lot of tests including: X-ray of my chest, thyroid function, EKG, electrolytes and a lot of CBCs, all of them getting normal: So they conclude telling me that my problem is heavily related to stress, anxiety, etc.

Anyway, I noticed that between two CBCs (August 14 and October 31), the quantity of all my blood cells decreased. They are still in normal ranges but I am concerned on these numbers decreasing more and more. These are my number:

- Erythrocytes: 5 457 000
- Leucocyte: 6 400
- Hemoglobine: 16.4
- Hematochryte: 51%
- Platelets: 334 000

- Erythrocyte: 5 243 000
- Leukocyte: 4 700
- Hemoglobine: 15.6
- Hematochryte: 49%
- Platelets: 244 000

According to the lab that performs me these tests, my values are still on range but as you have seen, they are getting decreased.
Do I need to start to getting worried about? Would you consider this normal? What kind of test would you recommend me to getting performed in order to being finally diagnosed?

Thanks a lot!
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Sorry, forgot to enter the white blood cell values:
- Neutrophils: 70%
- Eosinophils: 2%
- Basophils: 0%
- Monocytes: 1%
- Lymphocytes: 27%

- Neutrophils: 65%
- Eosinophils: 2%
- Basophils: 0%
- Monocytes: 3% [this one actually increased]
- Lymphocytes: 30% [this one actually increased too]

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