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Chronic Low white blood cells (Neutropenia)

My health problems came out of nowhere. In December of 2016, I started having mouth ulcers. In March of 2017, I had a perforated intestine which turned into sepsis. After getting out of the hospital, I've had neutrophils that get low for a while (0.1 or 0.2) and I have to be hospitalized on IV antibiotics. hospitalization happens every few months

My colonoscopy showed that I had ulcers in the lower colon, but the markers did not quite fit Crohn's ulcers. I had a bone marrow biopsy that came back normal. No JAK2 mutation.

Could this be Crohn's disease that is presenting itself in an abnormal way? Can Crohn's disease cause low white blood cells? Could this be something completely different from Crohn's

Other symptoms:
Fatty liver (sober, no longer drink alcohol or smoke)
Enlarged spleen
Bone marrow scar (but functioning bone marrow)
Colon ulcers
Mouth Ulcers
skin ulcers
Poor digestion
Occasional Pleurisy
Occasional leg cramps
Low platelets
Constant High C-Reactive Protein
High fasting glucose
Occasional fever and chills (probably from neutropenia)
Symptoms worsen in fall and winter months

Please help! We've been struggling to find answers for several years. Doctors are not quite sure what's wrong
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