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Chronic Lyme and inflammation

My mother and I have Chronic Lyme disease. We have been taking strong antibiotics for years and that has helped greatly. My mom though has been ver busy and stressed out that she has not been taking her antibiotics to keep her Lyme in check. She also has severe varicose vein issues. We found out that our ancestors also had trouble with there veins and we think it is genetic. We both have a restricting vein in our neck and legs. I started her antibiotics again hoping it will help and settle her inflammation which I believe is making her veins even worse. The only thing that seems to help is coffee twice sometimes three times a day. I hear that it restricts the veins while supplying blood flow.
Is there any naturual herbs for her that would help veins. Also she has been on a rather healthy diet to lose weight and she always feels worse after she goes on a diet. Is there a special diet for someone with severe varicose veins?
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Hi Klaraj.
Chronic Lyme disease is tough to deal with.
In addition, you could both have many issues, beyond  what lymes presents, including the ones relative to the genetic component and the ones caused by long-term use of antibiotics.
You must understand that the body's ability to heal is severely compromised, when the intestinal flora has itself been compromised (up to 80% of the immune system lies in the intestinal flora) by the damaging effects of antibiotics.
Unfortunately without a comprehensive anti-candida protocol
not only the antibiotics keep the healthy intestinal flora low,
the opportunistic yeast/fungal organisms grow and spread,
leading to serious systemic Candida Infections.
For managing varicose veins, exercise -according to one's abilities, even if it is a daily walk in the park-an anti-inflammatory diet, raw organic apple cider vinegar, nigella sativa oil-both oral and topical diluted in coconut oil- , weight loss,hormonal regulation...
These will work in synergy.
Would you like to share some of the genetic data, if you have it available?
Some gene mutations can be treated  with targeted supplementation and lifestyle changes.
Best wishes,

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I am actually allergic to gluten and try to stay of off it as much as possible. She is taking probiotics and that seems to help her but she does need a cleanse. We are trying some naturual supple to for veracoise veins and will see if that works. Unfortunately we do not have much genetic data but are working to find out more. Thank you very much. God bless.

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