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Chronic anemia suddenly better???

Hi all, I have dealt with chronic iron def. anemia for years. I have celiac disease, lymphocytic colitis, and pernicious anemia. My hemoglobin and hematocrit have always been low despite iron supplements. My hemoglobin at best would be around 10 or 11, I don't recall what me hematocrit usually was. Anyway, I just got the results from my latest CBC, my hemoglobin was 14.4 and my hematocrit was 43.5. They have NEVER been this good, even though I have been on iron supplementation for quite a while.My RBC was 5.13, which was a little high according the the reference range my lab uses. They did not do a serum iron check with my last CBC, but the previous serum iron check was 10, with the normal being between 40 - 60, I believe. I am just curious as to why it would improve so suddenly??? Nothing else has changed, iron supplementation was the same, diet the same, menstrual cycles the same, etc. Any ideas???
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There are two possibilities that can explain your results. One is that the lab results are wrong. The other is that your celiac disease is under remission, which could explain better absorption of same supplements from the gut. I suggest you wait for 14 days and then repeat the test. Also ask your GI doctor or go back and see whether your celiac disease symptoms have been absent or minimal in last few days. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
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Thank you so much. I will do that!
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