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Critical high on hematology report.

Hello everyone. My first question & main concern is.....should we wait for hema/oncology drs.appointment (that primary doc. hasn’t even made yet) or seek quicker medical care. My husbands blood counts are:
Hgb 21.2  Hcrit 63.7. Plat 429  RBC 7.47 I’m aware that most likely his Dx is going to be Polycythemia Vera. I feel like he’s a ticking time bomb (blood clots) right now & really just want to put him in the car & go to ER. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I have Polycythemia, primary, my doc recognized it...told me to go to red Cross, and give a pint? It does not work that way! I would demand a blood test asap, and a referral to a hematologist, because polycythemia has about 3 different types. Meanwhile stay hydrated, and take a baby aspirin everyday. Or if you have insurance go to er, get a cbc, and metabolic blood test. Get to a hematologist to see which type he has. Mine is primary, inherited from my mother. There is a cancerous  one, with a Jak mutation.  
Hope all goes well!
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