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DVT & Vena Cava Agenesis

Hi all,
first of all, sorry for my English, I'm Italian so I may make some (a lot) errors!
On July I was taken to the hospital because of DVT on my left thigh, I had femoral and saphenous veins totally occluded.

I'm only 27 years old, so I've done some examinations and I've discovered that I suffer of a form of vena cava agenesis.
Are there any surgeries that can correct my venous disfunction?
Will I have to fear DVTs for all my life?

I've been performing weight training for 10 years and I've been taking supplements (whey proteins) every day since 1 year.
I would like to know if bodybuilding and a protein-rich diet could improve the chance of suffering of DVT.
I've searched a lot on the web, but I found no article that prooved the relationship between bodybuilding/proteins and DVT.
Could anyone help me?

I've stopped going to the gym since July, but now some doctors told me that I could start excercising again, beacuse the agenesis makes me "immune" to EP.
On the contrary, Some other doctors forbade me to exercise until the end of the therapy (6 months or more).
Who should I trust?
After 3 months I still have chances of developing EP as a consequence of a high muscle effort?

By now, I walk about 50-60km per week, I do some weight training (very low weight) and I feel no pain in my thight.

Thanks beforehead!
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