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Diagnosis of Thalassemia

My child is now 18 months old. 1st electrophoresis of my child was made at 13 month of age which showed hba-67%, hbe-21.00%, hbf-8.2%, hba2-3.8% (Report Comments: Hbe beta thalassemia). The 2nd  electrophoresis was made at 16 month of age which shows hba-66.5%, hbe-22.5%, hbf-6.7%, hba2-4.3% (Report Comments: Hbe beta thalassemia).  my child's hemoglobin was 9.60 at 10 month of age, 11.10 at 13 month age & 9.80 at 16 month age.  I have done the CBC test of my child lastly at 17 month of age  which shows Hemoglobin-12.30, MCV-67 fl, MCH-24 pg, MCHC-36 g, RDW (CV)-15.00%, PDW-16.50 fl, MPV-9.10 fl, RBC-5.15 x 10 ^12/L, WBC-11.00 x 10 ^ 9/L.  My child' s DNA report : mutation detected in condon 26(hbe) but no mutation found in IVS 1-5, fr 41/42, fr 8/9 and condon 30 region.

My Electrophoresis  report (34 year of age): hba-72.8, hbe-23.4, hba2-3.8 (Report Comments- Hbe trait).  My wife's Electrophoresis report (29 year of age): hba-96.8, hba2- 3.2. (Report Comments: Normal Hemoglobin Study)

My CBC report:  Himogloben-12.90, MCV-76.80 fl, MCH-24.90 pg, MCHC-32.40 g/dcl, RBC-5.18 x 10 ^12/L, WBC-11.24 x 10 ^ 9/L
My wife's CBC report:  Himogloben-11.30, MCV-87.50 fl, MCH-27.20 pg, MCHC-31.10 g/dcl, RBC-4.15 x 10 ^12/L, WBC-9.54 x 10 ^ 9/L
Now Electrophoresis & CBC report proves that i have e trait & of my wife has Normal Hemoglobin. DNA analysis of my child also found no thalassimia mutation except only Hbe.  So why the electrophoresis report my child  shows Hbe beta thallasimia. Does my baby has any chance to develop the severity of Hbe beta thalassimia in later or the report will convert to Hbe trait only?  My child is fully active. Please i need your help.
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