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Elevated WBC & CRP going on 3 months

Hi - I have had an elevated WBC (12.5-13) and elevated CRP (14.5) for close to three months.  I originally presented with some severe GI lower abdominal pain that has since mostly subsided. I'm left with a general feeling of being unwell/off, one episode of random severe night sweats, occasional low grade fever (~100F) and a hard nodule on the back of my neck near my hairline (left side). It's about 3/4", hard, and doesn't hurt.  Appeared about a week ago fairly suddenly and seems to get slightly bigger or small day to day.

I've been worked up by gastroenterology and by gyn for a well woman but he took an interest in trying to figure this out.  It's been three months and nothing is getting better so I am looking for other angles.  So far I've had no therapeutic recommendation save a course of Cipro 1000mg q day during the first week of symptoms back in June.  My WBC and CRP have remained elevated despite the antibiotics.

Please help!  Thanks!
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