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Hair Thinning

I am 24 years old male. None of my family members have baldness. But few days back I observed some hair loss near my vertex and crown area. So I consulted a Trichologist and he said it is Talogen Effilivium and asked me to have blood test. In blood test TSH, Hb levels are normal but my Serrum Ferritin is low (i.e., 28.1 ng/ml) and Vitamin D level is also low (i.e.,  5.48ng/ml). So he gave me some medication.
I have fissure from age of 14 and at age of 21 I have undergone Piles fissure operation. For say 6 months before operation daily in motion a lot of blood I used to loose.  
Is that problem is the reason for my low iron levels?  But after 3 yrs why this thinning started? Or this thinning already started a long back and I observed it only now?
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Well, yes, it would be some time before you actually notice that your hair is thinning. The low iron could be due to chronic blood loss due to piles. Post surgery, may be this was not corrected. Also, additional low vitamin D could be contributing to hair fall—and this may be a recent development or may be persisting. To improve the quality of hair, you’ll need to take iron and vitamin D supplements and improve your diet to include healthy meals. Take care!
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Hi Doc,

Will using Multivitamins formulated for hair will thicken my newly growing hair?
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