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Heart disease

Lipo a level 173. Anything one can do?  Take Heparin?
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thank you for your kind reply. taking Heparin 5000usq bid, aspirin 325mg once daily, other supps to increase circulation. Brain spect scan shows cerebral vasculitis, and second scan shows diffuse encephalopathy, crp 12.5, esr now 53. going to see 2nd neuro on advice of radiologist who read the first scan.
Cardio scan 0, but have all risk factors for heart disease.
Abnormal ISAC panel also, hx CFS. Frequent infections past year-shingles, Lymes, et al. Dx Sjogrens 3/12.
Dr. Brewer suggested Heparin, as did Dr. Ryser, both MD, Inf. Disease,  I find if I dont take it, I get stroke-like symptoms. Hx 1 full-blown TIA 11/09.
In case of young 21 year old who recently had heart attack( elevated lipprotein level) I would imagine Cleveland Clinic put her on Heparin and/or blood thinners.
My father was on both Coumadin and Aspirin, and still had clots. I think I got the bad Lipo a gene. Sheryl
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First you need to talk to your doctor and find if this level of lipo a is normal for your race and age and geographical area. The lipoprotein a concentration varies from less than 0.2 to more than 200 mg/dL.  Since it is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, this is important to find out. The current recommended treatment is niacin in a dose of 1-3 grams daily. However, please do not take it without asking your doctor. Take care!
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