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Help! nRBCs were found in my blood test! What does that mean?

I've been having some health issues for quite some time now. Fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, nausea, palpitations are just a few of my symptoms. I've been to two doctors so far. One was my regular doctor who promptly said I was depressed. The second doctor is a Naturopath Doctor (I went to this doctor for a second opinion). This doctor ordered some blood tests and the results showed that I have nucleated red blood cells in my blood stream. The test also said that I'm extremely low on alkaline phosphatase. From this, the doctor concluded that I'm low on zinc. She also said that I'm low on cortisol but my level is within the standard range according to the results. The nRBCs is what is really worrying me. From what I've read, those blood cells are not supposed to be in your blood stream unless you have a serious illness. Please can anybody help put my mind at ease? The Naturopathic Doctor told me not to worry about the nRBCs because they are supposed to be there. My nRBC value was 0.1, normal range is 0.
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