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Help with CBC labs interpretation please?!

Hi, I’m a 42 y.o female with Hypothyroidism. I’ve been having symptoms for a while now (fatigue for over a year and the rest, about 2-3 months) and my Dr. sent me for a lot of blood tests. Symptoms are: I have been feeling very weak, fatigued, no appetite, deep vertical ridges in fingernails, freezing cold hands and feet; I have hot, stabbing, deep aching pain in my right foot that seems to alternate all over, like a new pain in a different area of my right foot daily, and memory loss. I struggle to find words.
My lab tests results: I have high RBC 4.99 (and have had in the past, only sometimes it’s normal), high Hemotocrit 44, low RDW 11.9, low MCHC 32.8, low Lymphocytes % 13, low Absolute Lymphocytes 0.7, high Segs % 81 and low-borderline Monocytes 4 and Imm. Granulocytes ABS count 0.01.

It’s a lot, I know. For the last few months I’ve been taking Lyrica and I wonder if this could be because of that, since before I started it everything was ok (except I did have high Hemotocrit on occasion) and also, the way Lyrica works in our bodies is UNKNOWN!! Scary to think a medicine can be approved without them realizing how it works or what it actually does.
Has anyone else dealt with these combinations of blood results or is knowledgeable about this? I greatly, greatly appreciate the feedback. Thank you.
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Hello! Did you ever get an answers? Hopefully everything is just fine for you now. :)
I had a cbc test and my RBC is slightly out of normal range. This never happened before but I was extremely stressed at the ER due to panic and anxiety over unexplained lightheadedness/dizziness.
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