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High Platelets, High Lymphocytes but Low Neutrophils

My paediatrician has mentioned recently that my son may have neutropenia unsure what type as yet, he wants to more tests before we see a haemotologist but he also said he will only do more tests if he feels it warrents further investigation.....
Please can you tell me what you think
Hes had two readings of 0.3 & 0.2 last month with his neutrophils,  it's up to 2.2 this month when he was healthy  yet the blood film still noted reactive lymphocytes, toxic granulation of neutrophils, vacuolation of the neutrophils.
All blood test he has had high platelets and high lymphocytes, not matter the neutrophil reading.
This is what happens to my son, he is 1 this week and has been sick since 4 months of age.
He seems to get sick every few weeks I would say between 2.5-3.5 weeks he crashes
Chronic double ears infections
Constant mucus cough
Can in seconds go instantly pale
I think he gets headaches from the way he grabs his head
Constant fevers and he get cold sweats plus does the wiggly shiver'' quite often randomly, like he has got goosebumps
Tired all the time
He's Booked in to get grommets in his ears and his adenoids out (when he's over 2, his ENT wants to remove his tonsils too) paediatrician has suspected sleep aponea due to his massive tonsils and adnoids, the ENT said definately (my husband had abnormally large tonsils and adnoids and sleep aponea)
He gets a BAD red bum especially around his anus, the skin looks like its going to peel
He seems to get sore throats as he has trouble taking his funny or bottle
Don't know if this is related he became jaundice the day after he was born and ended up needing phototherapy
He had a "penny" hernia when he was very small also which corrected itself
He has reflux and is lactose intolerant
He is 1 and won't/ can't crawl, I don't know if it's pain related or not but he is quite intelligent, he is also for his height /weight in the 97th percentile
He doesnt sleep well, he has nightmares/night terrors
He cries for what look like a random thing but I am thinking it isn't - I think he is in pain somewhere
He is always sick, he seems to just get over it and he's sick again. So many drs have not even looked at him or done any sort of test saying he has a virus it will pass
I can't think of anything else although I am sure there is more but I just can't think
I'm in Australia so those of you reading this I am unsure if your blood levels are measured differently or not
Please let me know your symptoms
Also, I have SLE (Lupus) and my husband is HLAB27 positive and has lots of issues regarding this with arthritis and spondylitis plus skin problems
Please help- is it all related, can all this be fobbed off to being co-incidence, should I push for further testing, someone please help me.
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I also forgot to mention his breathlessness. He is breathless daily
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