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High Platlet Count

I am a 26 year old female. I had a full work up done last year and the doctor noticed that my blood platelets were elevated at around 469. She jokingly asked me if I had a blood disease and I said not that I know of. She did not seem too concerned. The next year I went to a new doctor and my blood platelet level was around 489. She also did not seem concerned but then I told her it had been a little elevated for about a year. She recommended I go see a hematologist just in case but she didn’t seem too concerned. Well, then I went down the Internet rabbit hole and ended up freaking myself out and going to the hospital. When I went to the hospital my platelet level was around 500. They also did not seem concerned because all of my other levels were completely normal. They told me not to be too alarmed and to just go see my hematologist. When I finally went to see my hematologist my blood platelet levels were 496. My symptoms are occasionally I get a headache around my period and I am always tired.  I used to random bouts of itchiness years ago but I haven’t recently. Both my primary care doctor and the hematologist checked and I am not anemic or iron deficient. The only issue they could find was my elevated blood platelet count. now that I’ve deep dive into the Internet I am experiencing more symptoms which could just be my paranoia, like burning and tingling in my limbs. My grandfather passed away of leukemia and this is very frightening to me. My hematologist is currently checking for the jak2 mutation in relation to polycythemia. my question is if my blood platelet level is elavated, and i’m not anemic or iron deficient… does that confirm blood cancer?
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