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High platelets

Hi, I was referred to a hema/oncologist for high platelets (680) All other blood work is in normal ranges. He sent me to get a ct scan of pretty much everything chest and below. All normal. My iron level was low at 15 so I got 2 infusions of iron and go back to recheck blood in 3 weeks. Doc said he's trying to keep me from bone marrow biopsy. Researching this I found irritable bowel could be a cause which I have had since I was 10. I am 55  now. Anyone have any info on this? I also have panic disorder and think I'da been better off not knowing. LOL Thx in advance, Steph
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Did your doctor suggest any possible causes?  Can diet encourage platelet production - i.e., too much "red meat" or some other blood building diet?

In my limited experience too much is unusual, too few is more common and can have many causes, usually related to some blood loss in the digestive system - but that's not your issue.
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No He hasn't. But I have researched IBS and it could be related to that as some people can't absorb nutrients like iron properly. He did say that anemia in some people wil cause platelets to rise and that's why I got the iron infusions. Thx for your reply. Steph
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