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How do I find out why I am borderline anemic?


I have done a CBC a few times and there seems to be a trend of low RBC and low Hemoglobin. I have also tested low a few times for WBC.

My doctor had me do an endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for bleeding/ ulcers but nothing was found. I am a 25 year old male and I have plenty of iron so I don't know why I have this condition. I want to know what I should do to find the problem and what I have to do to not be so tired all the time.

I have been thinking that there is an underlying disease. I do have GERD which could be a contributor, but I take medication for that and I feel that I get tired regardless. I have had times where I have neurological symptoms (unsteadiness, body pain, tingling, twitching muscles, weakness on one side of the body) but my doctor tells me she doesn't believe there is a neurological disease (I have had testing and the findings were not conclusive).

So I am left wondering, what do I do about the anemia?? It seems to be effecting me more than I realize and I can't just take an iron supplement like most people, so what do I do? Exercise? Eat certain foods? I need to change things to get my energy back.

Also, I peed blood about a month ago. Urine analysis done and nothing found. My urine is still heavy and dark and I feel the need to pee all the time.

Thanks for listening!
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