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I have Warm to Hot Knees but No Pain

About a couple of days ago I started having warm to hot knees but I don't really see any swelling, redness or pain.

They just feel warm, sometimes hot to touch.

The only thing I know is that I started taking Amlodipine 10 milligrams to manage essential hypertension.

Is this a side effect of amlodipine? I don't see it in the package insert. Or is it a sign of arthritis?

I'm 27 years old in a very stressful environment as an ER nurse in a rural area  catering to more than 10 municipalities (we're the only tertiary hospital in the area) so I'm a bit overweight and frequently have elevated blood pressure at work.

I try to maintain a healthy diet, my vitamin supplements are the following

Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex
Multivitamin + Lysine (also includes some vitamin Bs)
Folic Acid
Ampalaya extract
C-llium fiber

I take these religiously. Vit C and multi vit in the morning, vit B complex and folic in the evening. Ampalaya extract and cillium every meals.

I've been taking these for a long time, the warm/hot knees started when I took amlodipine though.
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The knee joint can be warm to touch in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, bursitis, infection, bleed into the joint or due to infection of the overlying skin or soft tissue. However most of these conditions would also cause pain. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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My right kneecap started to randomly burn about 3 weeks ago and lasted for about two hours. It started to dwell slightly and was red and very hot to the touch. I went to bed an woke up it was fine now today it started again while driving the same as before but just hit and red no swelling. It lasted about 20 mins then stopped. About 30 mins after that my left knee started doing the same thing. It's very hott only on the outer part of my knee cap. It felt briefly as if it was slowly starting to burn going about 5 inches toward my left foot on the front inner part near my calf. I haven't done anything strenuous or injured my knees. Also it has been hard for me to urinate lately. There's a bad pain and I usually will have to sit on the toilet to make it easier for it to come out. I'm male by the way I don't know if this is connected but is there anything you can advise is wrong with me. I don't like going to hospitals I don't have insurance. Thanks you.
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I too have recently started taking amlodipine 10mg and as of a few days my knees starting feeling hot, and a discomfort within them have you found this to be a side effect?
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