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Inflammation of the Blood

My wife is a vetern. During our deployment she started to break out with hive like symptoms. Sometimes it appears on top of the skin and can be easily seen. Usually in different places every time from the legs swelling and hands, and sometimes her lip swells. Other times it happens under the skin and can't be seen. Her current doctor sent off lab work and it came back that she has inflammation of the blood. He sent her the results through the mail and offered no explanation as to what this means. She has been diagnosed with this twice with no explanation given. Does anyone know what inflammation of the blood means and can it be treated with medication?
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My wife has had several allegy tests and have stayed away from things they state causes the flare ups. We both think there is more to the story as this isn't a simple food allergy. These flare ups happen for no reason at all and very sudden.
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There is nothing like inflammation of the blood, maybe an increase of white blood cell count—but this is an indication of an infection or inflammation nay where in the body. There is inflammation of the blood vessel like in deep vein thrombosis, vasculitis, arteritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Other than this, based on the symptoms provided by you, your wife could be suffering from allergic reaction to something. An allergy test may help. Take care!

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