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Labs: high iron saturation but anemic

Iron Saturation on Labs but Anemic??

36 year old female, asthmatic, GAD and hypothyroid. Currently take Prozac, buspar, synthtoid and singular. 5’8”, 120lbs, Middle Eastern, live in US. Normal BP is 90/50 (I teach spin so lots of cardio). I stopped taking my hair skin and nails vitamins a week before the labs and take a regular women's multivitamin a day. I take colestipol every day for Bile Acid Diarrhea

I’ve had a rough couple of years with regards to my health including a six month battle with CDIff. GI-wise, I’m all better now.

I’ve been feeling kind of off for a couple of weeks so I had my doctor run my regular thyroid panel. I told her I was losing hair and suddenly gained 6lbs in 2 weeks. She ran some additional tests. The results took the lab a while to turnaround and now my doctor is out of office and I’m staring at a lab Corps result with lots of red flags (literally, Labcorp has red flags on very high and very low numbers). My thyroid levels and hormone levels were all normal. Any or all interpretation of some of these while my doctor is out of town would be great. I understand that no one here is my primary care physician and nothing that you say will be taken as a treatment plan or as anything more than Internet chatter. High/low numbers:

Iron saturation 88 (normal range 15-55) (I don’t take iron supplements or eat much red meat so why would this be so high?)

UIBC 29 (normal range 131-425) (does this indicate anemia?)

Iron 207 (normal range 27-159)

A/G ratio 3.1 RBC 3.37 (normal range3.77-5.28)

Hemoglobin 11 (normal range 11.1-15.9)

MCV 100 (normal range79-97)

Labs:  [https://imgur.com/leWn0zh](https://imgur.com/leWn0zh)
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