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Need opinions or advice...blood work?

Hello to all!! I recently had to have some blood work and a contrast CT done because of some stomach pain that came on very suddenly. I was told everything was fine. However when I received the result of the CT Scan it stated that there was a trace amount of free fluid in the right iliac fossa proximity of the ileocecal junction. Also small renal cysts evident. I have also been diagnosed with unspecified anemia. I am very concerned and wondering if someone can me give their opinion or some advice in regards to the information above along with some blood work results and those results are as is...WBC 8.6 k/uL,Hematrocrit 31.4%, RBC 4.01 m/uL, Hemoglobin 10.3 g/dL, MCV 78.4fl, MCH 25.7pg, MCHC 32.8 g/dL, RDW 16.4%, Platlet 290 k/uL, MPV 8.8fl, Neu 38.0%, Lym 52.1%, Mon 8.2%, Eo 1.2%, Ba 0.5%. Cancer and other blood disorders run in both my mother and father family. I am 33 yrs in age.
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