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One swollen lymph node behind ear-15 year old

Took son, 15 years old ,to Dr yesterday for his check up and he  he has a one  painless lump behind ear bone  left side about 1" maybe slight less, they said it was lymph node, his blood pressure was 85/55 and  his pulse was 83. Said his blood pressure was normal He has lost weight , 4lbs and is complaining of being chronic tired. Sleeping 8 hours a day, trying to gain weight but can't, eating healthy. Recently starting lifting weights and working out complains that his ears feel like they need to pop when working out. He had Nuss procedure for  concave chest chest (bar is out now, and he is fine)  he had  been exposed to multiple chest xrays due to this. His uncle on his fathers side has Non- Hodgkin. They did a metabolic  blood test yesterday, waiting for results, said they would call if anything abnormal shows up, and  want to see him him in  6 weeks. Hearing was fine, ears were fine, vision worse in right eye,   The blood pressure seems low and the pulse high but is that normal for a 15 year old boy? Is there a non serious explanation of symptoms? What should I be concerned about?
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You're getting what appears to be the correct medical treatment, be sure to ask all your questions and state all your concerns with your doctors... I'd try to get the primary care to address most issues, including talking with any specialists about questions you were unable to get satisfactory answers on.

The blood pressure is on the low "side" and that could contribute to tiredness and fatigue.. and problems with dizziness or shortness of breath should be discussed with your doctor.  The neat rate on on the high side of normal, no so high as to be of concern without other symptoms.. in my view (I am not a doctor).  The higher heat rate (compared to a lower normal of 60) may be related to the lower blood pressure.  Both HR and BP being low or high is more symptom prone than one the opposite of the other.  Again from what I know about normal (human, not specifically teenagers) the HR and BP may work just fine for your son and no action is needed.
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