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Polycythemia Vera low Iron question

Hello. I'm a 55 year-old female, recently diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera/Essential Thrombocythemia, Dec 2021. JAK2 test: positive for mutation. Hemoglobin has always been normal, Hematocrit usually only ever slightly elevated and for past 6 months has been normal. RBC and WBC usually slightly elevated. Platelets seem to fluctuate a lot and currently at 730 (highest was at 800). My ferritin is now (finally!) normal at 15, iron is normal, however, iron absorption has been at LOW ALERT level of 7 since my last phleb. I have only had 3 phlebs since diagnosis - the last one in March sent my iron plummeting. QUESTIONS: What does it mean now that my ferritin is normal? Or does this fluctuate like platelets do? Should I be worried about the low absorption, or will this eventually also rise with no phlebs needed over the next few months? My hematologist says the low iron cannot be treated as it thickens blood. This has all been so very confusing. Any info would help ease my (perhaps unnecessary?) concerns. Thank you.
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