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Question about Low White and Red Blood Cells High Tsh

Hi I just had a question see if anyone could answer it. I'm I 29 year old girl I recently went into my doctor, I got a blood test done and my white blood tests seem to be getting lower they have been lower then average since I was a kid they thought I had leukemia but that was ruled out long ago. I just have gotten sick quite easily for my entire life and haven to take extra precautions. Now they are in the lower 3s and I've been anemic on and off my entire life as well. On top of it all I've had a bleeding disorder that no one could pin point they thought was Von wildibrands but they never were quite sure, they just know I have a low platelet count and I bleed and bruise easy, not hemophilia. Also on top of this My monocytes were high and my TSH was high in the high 4s but my T4 and T3 was normal. Everything else perfect. My hands gets cold and I have constant migraines. My doctor pretty much said I'm not sure what's wrong and she wants to monitor me. Any thoughts?
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