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Staph infection? Blood poisoning. MSRN Bacterium?

I fear that I'm suffering from a staph infection.  I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend for the first time and a day later she gets a UTI and  Bladder infection.  She was prescribed antibiotics and given a shot, then a week or two later her symptoms continue.  She went back in for more tests and she was given a new antibiotic and given another shot.  The test came back and it says she has staph in her urine.  I feel like I am responsible.  On my chest I have had pimple like bumps dating back a few years.  Could this be staph?  Could I have gotten staph from living on that boat?  I read that MRSA Bacterium can be caused by living near water on the west coast.  I lived on that moldy boat 2 months and now I continue to live on a new boat.  I have been experiencing chest pains for some time now on the left side of my chest.  Could I have blood poisoning?  From what I understand staph enters through your nostril.  Could breathing that moldy boat have caused a deadly disease?  
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Indoor exposure to black mold can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms such as sore throat and cough along with wheeze in otherwise healthy people. It can precipitate asthma attacks in people with asthma. Black mold can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to immune-mediated condition. So, if you have chest pain this needs to be investigated. An X-ray and simple blood test to detect mold toxins is usually confirmatory. Other than this chest pains on left side can be due to a heart cause, or due to costochondritis or due to a bad gastric reflux. If you had staph or MRSNA infection, then usually there would be fever, malaise, chills etc.  
Do get the chest pains investigated for the causes mentioned. Since, heart causes can be really dangerous, do seek an early appointment. Take care!
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