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Symptoms from low ferritin?

I have a ferritin level of 10 and have been having horrible symptoms for the past 3 months.  About 3 months ago I had severe shortness of breath that sent me to the ER 6 times.  I have had heart, lung and thyroid tests which all came out fine.  I am also experiencing dizziness, heart palpitations, blurred vision, occassional chest pains, burning eyes, extreme fatigue and insomnia, internal shakiness, hair loss and have lost 20 lbs.  My question is, would a level of 10 cause all of these things?  My iron and hemoglobin are fine. My Vitamin D level was 6.4 which I was taking supplements for. Here are some of my labs that were out of range.  I don't know if they are related in any way. Any input would be so greatly appreciated.

Bilirubin, Total-1.3
Iron Saturation-16 (low normal level)
Eosinophils Automated-0.5
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for the  past 3 years i had been getting treated for what they thought was severe asthma and finally with a simple blood test . I found I had anemia and my doc told me it was bad... of course it is! ever since Ive been sick for the past 3 years its always been severe never mild.  I dont really remember my numbers but I know my iron was 10( I think) but sure I heard my ferritin number was 3. I been on oral iron supplements for 2 months now and  for awhile I was feeling normal and Id say about the past 2 weeks the shortness of breath and chest pain has come back. Im also taking a vit D supplement and my pills for anxiety.  some days you just feel like your heart cant take it anymore. The angina pains, the shortness of breath, itching, legs hurt, hair loss, extrememly exhausted, for awhile I was having the racing heart but its stopped even the high blood pressure has stopped. I have low blood pressure now with a good heart rate between 60 and 78 sometimes after exercising it gets up to 90 but thats the highest. I even stopped exercising now , I eat anything with iron and I do eat healthy. I have days where Im depressed ,having anemia and all its symptoms especially when you know it can lead to a heart attack if not treated properly? Well, thats enough to make you feel depressed. This is so new to me and I know it can take a long time to recover from this. This is all I know so far in 2 more months I go back for my blood work and I can only hope its getting better. OMG the itchiness is the worst ,I actually itch even in my sleep all night. I hope you feel better soon and get your answers sorry I couldnt be any help as I am new to this anemia.

P.S. Like you I have been in the ER twice and had all test done for heart ,kidneys,liver,pancreas, everything and all was fine. But they never bothered to check my blood for vitamin defencies. how strange.
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I was diagnosed with asthma and the same symptoms, exhaustion, shortness of breath.  This PCP put me on Nexium and iron pills, could I have gotten B12 anemia or iron poisoning from this?  Now my Ferritin is a little high but my iron and B12 levels are all at the lower end of the range.  I've been treating this with B12 at 1000mcg/day but I still feel about the same- my other blood levels are also low....
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Hi there ............ALWAYS TRUST YOUR BODY !!!
low ferritin causes confirm loss of hair in women .......the range of normal is rediculous .....for women .......at /or below 30 you will feel the symptoms and your H and Hg can still be normal and your serum ferritin that low .......and there is research in other countries that show low serum ferritin  causes depression ....ADHD .......and low thyroid problems ....heart palpitations and shortness of breath ..especially with exercise !!! .....America needs to take a good look at chronic low serum ferritin .........
  Like a bad thyroid can have a 'normal TSH " and still be off on the T3 and T4 ...Every one should insist on a T7 not a TSH .........so too your serum Ferritin can be off and H and H still test normal .......
    Iron should not be lost unless you are bleeding ( heavey menses counts ) ......or have some illness ........but there are the "me's " out there .
   After three years at a Hemotologist and every test possible ......I am so rare they don't even have studies for me yet ! ......and must get monthly Ferritin infusions .......because my body does not store iron properly .......when I do ....I have the body of a 30 year old the blood work of a 20 year old and I am a very busy 51 ......runnig my own landscape company and working out with a trainer !!!
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It took the three years to get them to believe I don't 'store' ferritin .......that's ok ......Dr Lewis Braverman who wrote the book on endocrinology ...litterally took my hand and patted it and said ......"there there ...you just have PMS " ...when I was in such a thyroid storm that I had t have beta blockers .......later followed by a scan ......that showed Nothing at all ........! ...Hashimotos .......but now there is some research that says low serum ferritin causes thyroid damage too ????? so which came first the chicken or the egg ?
   In an ironic twist ......I went on the net and looked up the radioactive isotope they were trying t get me to take to kill my thyroid .......at 35 ......research studies showed that it often lead to thyroid cancer in your 70's ??????? so when was I better equiped to handle the surgery ? 35 or 75 ? ....I insisted on my thyroid being removed .....and had to inerview surgeons ....they would not do it ........they said it was "barberic " .......when I could take the radioactive isotope ........haha ........get's better .........the right side of my thyroid was sooooo atropied that it was tightly wrapped around my corotid artery and I was 4 hours in surgery ........Had I not insisted .........I'd likely not be here to type this to you !!! TRUST YOUR BODIES >>>>>>>DOCTORS ARE NOT GOD  !
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Most doctors seems like they play the guessing game. I have a MD that is trained in like 10 different areas and one is alternativemed and chinese Med so he knows his stuff. r told me to forget about taking iron for build up ferritin my ferritin was 28  my doctor told me that it was take YEARS for my ferritin to go up using iron . My doctor has a long list of people wanting to see him and he is on top of his game,,,this clinic  has a very  gentle ferritin IV that works pretty well  this is not an iron IV which some people react too I think he called it ferricit  . He also mentioned ALL the reasons you can have shortness of breath, heart palpitations dizziness, wheezing   I recall a few reason shortage of B-12 or iron ,  parasites ...yes he says so many people have them,  but have no idea then their health goes and they start make the doctor rounds get on super good parasite cleanse . Another reason which I've never thought about was estrogen defieciency you can have inner vibration you whole body is shaking and trembling.,wheezing shortness of breath, low thyroid...for women this a big one hashimotos I read is an autoimmune response due to wheat allergy and or food allergy ... it can be tooth infections, or  the dreaded root canals  are known for big infections or do you have wisdom tooth that you did not have removed.  Anyhow these are just a few reasons. ....
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dear friends i am 30 year old and from the last 15 years i have the same symptoms severe headache, giddiness, sweallinf in face and body, lack of concentratio, acute pain in body, heart beates 120, long breath and the most worse thing sometimes i forget my name.All tests gone normal Thanks to God last year in sgpgi, lucknow, india an immunologist made test for serum ferritin and started himmup iron tablets twice in a day and i lost 90 % symptoms i am fine now. One thing I changes in my lifestyle is that i started taking icecream with full of dryfruits it gives relief to skin problems and after sunset i dnt eat anything it also helps me. Its true that there is no research available in low level of ferritin so doctors also cant help us they can try only. This was my experience and i am very much fine now.
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Taking iron supplements takes way too long to build iron  it could take a year to build up the stores start getting IRON IV'S it works fast and you can stop suffering ...also drinking iron drinking daily floradix in the flowery box works the RN told me to drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
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