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WBC 4.4. Always sick and lethargic.

I have had general illness for about 10 weeks on and off: chest infections, runny nose, sore throat, lethargy, painful and enlarged lymph nodes. My Dr sent me to a haematologist 3 days ago. My bloods were normal and he said it's just probably many viruses on top of each other and my immunity is low. I work with young children and experienced a lot of work stress just before I got sick. My white blood cell count was 4.4. I understand this is at the low end of normal. Since yesterday my chest pain has increased upon exertion and I'm just so tired. I just keep getting sick! My armpits hurt due to the enlarged nodes. The Haem said he felt 2 x 1cm enlargements. Should I keep an eye on the WBC and go back to my Dr if I'm not ok in 2 weeks?
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White blood cells are of course important in protecting the body from diastase and infections, but I do not think the symptoms you mention would be caused by the WBC count you have.  Low hemoglobin and red blood cell counts low could cause some of the symptoms you mention... from the fact you didn't mention them I assume they are okay.

Yes, if you don't see some improvement soon I think you have a good reason to go back to your doctor.  Write down on paper you symptoms and the progress and timing of them, anything that may help the doctor diagnoses.
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