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What type of anemia do i have?

My doctor was concerned that i might be anemic, so he ran more blood tests. My white blood count is 8.4 using the range of 4-10 K/uL, RBC is 4.91 using the range 3.93-5.22 M/uL, HGB is 11 using the range 11.2-15.7 g/dL, HCT is 36.9 using the range 34.1-44.9%, MCV is 75.2 using the range 80-100fL, MCH is 22.4 using the range 26-34 pg, MCHC is 29.8 using the range 31-36 g/dL, and RDW is 18 using the range of 11.7-14.4%. I am just wondering what type of anemia i have. My mom used to be anemic (she lacked iron). I know that anemia can be genetic and that it can be a sign of an underlying disease.
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