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b12 deficiency

I was told in November 2013 that I was b12 deficient and got put on the injection (3x a week for 2 weeks and then every 3 months after that)
however, they have tested the parietal cells and intrinsic factor and they are both fine. Since taking the b12 injections for quite a while, I recently had another blood test to see what the levels are now. the doctor said that they are ok but not as high as he would want it and that I should continue to just take the injection as normal. To me, it sounds like im going to have to have the injection for the rest of my life. Also its obvious that the b12 is still dropping after having the Injection, because it should be really high sinse having all of these injections?

im just confused to why my body is unable to keep my b12 stable when both the parietal cells and intrinsic factor is fine. Is there any other tests that can be done?
im not a vegetarian so my diet shouldn't be causing this either
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I think a B12 deficiency is a rather common problem and seldom does it require supplements for "life"  There are also B12 pills, I believe.  That may be an alternative to injections after you get in range.

Sorry, I don't have much knowledge on the subject but decided to give the little I understand as you haven't gotten any other replies.
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