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blood ans vascular

i am 21 f emale ...my K-direct 5.03 and my crea level is 41  my blood test report the level of crea is low and k level is high
i am having a pain in my heels i cant stand more than 10 minutes, having swelling on my whole body,please tell me the cause,,tell me what to eat what not to eat.
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Low creatinine levels are seen if there is muscle wasting. If the levels are so low and potassium levels are high maybe a creatinine clearance test should be done to test the condition of the kidney and rule out diabetes insipidus. CPK or creatinine phosphokinase and liver enzymes should be done if there is muscle wasting. Diabetes insipidus can also cause whole body edema. Please consult an endocrine specialist and a nephrologist. Take care!
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Sir ,thanks for your reply,

i want to knw that why sweling iscoming on my whole body,is these things at the age of 21
even i do not eat too much,i live in kuwait, here doctors are not so good,
today  i had my blood test, tomorrow i will get my reports
please guve me ur email address so dat i can send you my both blood reports ,,thanks

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I know this is an old thread but can Diabetes Insipidus really cause generalized edema? Most if not all doctors seem to think it doesn't from what I've read online. I am looking into Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus after my ADH and Osmolality came back high and I've had multiple symptoms, including having to get up at night to pee and including generalized edema for years (only when eating or drinking though) and no one has been able to find out why, except for MAYBE mold exposure and maybe food intolerance/allergies...but nothing has worked, including diuretics and I have nothing on paper telling me what is causing this symptom...or my other symptoms.
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