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blood disorders and miscarriages

Will having a certain type of blood disorder cause you to have multiple miscarriages?
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Hi, I'm 38yrs young and have miscarriage seven times, I'm pregnant now and was recently told about this blood disorder I have,as it puts me as a high risk pregnancy,Duffy a is what I've been told and yes I'm now on injections daily. I'm so thank full a good on gyn finally gave me an explanation,I'm finally having girl after 20 yrs of wishing.
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Yes, you can have repeat miscarriages if you have Rh blood group incompatibility (you are Rh negative and your partner is Rh positive). When there is Rh incompatibility, an atypical antibody called Anti-D antibody usually develops in response to it and is the cause of miscarriage. If both you and baby's father have same blood Rh type (either positive or negative), then chances of any antibody formation is less. When mother is Rh negative and father is Rh positive—with the result that the baby can be Rh positive. The first baby usually is spared as the antibodies develop slowly. Thereafter the anti-D antibodies stay for life and cause miscarriage if the baby in womb is Rh positive. Rh –ve babies are spared. Hence anti-Rh antibody Injections are given to suppress this immune response after first miscarriage or childbirth to prevent subsequent miscarriages. Full-term pregnancies are then possible even with Rh +ve babies.  Please discuss with your Gyn and Obs. Take care!
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