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nrbc/abnl labs...is this mono?

My 36 year old husband has been sick for 2 weeks.  It started off with sorethroat and fever.  He went to the doctor and "passed out" while he was there and was sent to the ER.  He was told he had strep throat and given a Bicillan shot and Omnicef rx for 10 days. He continued to be sick so he went in for blood work. Mono(EBV panel) test showed negative VCA IgM, positive for EA IgG, VCA IgG, NA IgG.  CBC showed WBC 8.8, RBC 4.19, neutrophils 16, lymphs 59(with comment appears reactive), bands 17%, neutro absolute 2.9, lymphs absolute 5.2
we rechecked his cbc 3 days later and wbc 8.3, rbc 3.92(hypochromasia), neutrophils 26, lymphs 46(appears reactive), bands 17%, neutro absolute 3.6, lymphs absolute 3.8, NRBC 3%(scary stuff about these on the internet!)
A 3rd CBC was checked 4 days later and wbc 7.5, rbc 3.75, neutrophils 23, lymphs 53, bands 9%, neutro absolute 2.4, lymphs absolute 4.0,  METAMYELOCYTES 1%, MYELOCYTES 1%, NRBC 6%.
His hemglobin this third time 12.0(was 13.5(1st), 12.5(2nd)).  A second mono test showed the same thing as the first panel.  He did have elevated liver enzymes but they have come back down to normal range on the last cbc.  sed rate was 35 and then dropped down to 16.
A blood flow cytometry test was done and the interpertation was: relative T lymphocytosis with predominance of CD8+ cells. Activation markers(CD 38, HLA-DR) on T cells consistent with viral infection. The CD4: CD8 ratio 0.4
The exam of leuckocytes showed: no circulating blasts, granulocytes show left shifted maturation.
Granulocytes 22.6%, monocytes 6.6%, lymphocytes 70.8%, blasts <0.01%, B cell 9%, T cells 49.3%, NK 12.5%
His family doc told him he has mono and his body is reacting this way trying to fight it off.  He wants to recheck his CBC in 2 weeks.  He has been having fever off and on, sweats, fatigue, weak feeling, weight loss, not much of an appetite.  Now he is feeling some better this week but still tired and still breaks out in sweats at times.  Not really any fever for 4 days.  I want to believe this is mono but everything I have read on the internet makes me fear something more serious is going on in his body.  Should he have any other blood tests done or should he see someone else sooner??  Any help is most appreciated.  
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