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Can neutropenia, irregular shaped rbcs, iron overload indicate bone marrow problem?

I urgently need advice, I have been extremely ill, too weak & fatigued to get back in to doctor.

I am in increasing pain, especially in lumbar/sacral/coccyx spine area.
There is a tumor on my low lumbar cauda equina area found by MRI w/contrast last year & nerve damage with compression found by nerve testing, and bladder dysfunction/retention (self-cath since last year when all this started.

My blood test results a month ago showed iron overload of iron transferrin sat. 68% (iron overload over 50%). I dont take anything with iron in it, so unknown why suddenly so high.

Also Neutropenia- Manual Diff. showed Seg Neutrophils at 28%, the other WBCs low on man. diff also. they continued to lower for a year now and this is the lowest they have been.

Also irregular shaped RBCs, and high lymphocyte count.
Does anyone know what could cause this & if any of these counts (high iron or low wbcs is urgent to be checked out?)  And does any of this possibly indicate bone/bone marrow problem?

I havent been able to get ahold of doctor yet regarding the blood test results & need biopsy of tumor, but i have been just getting sicker and weaker. Too sick for biopsy of spine.

Any idea on possible causes of those blood results & if could be related to tumor or metastasis/cancer?
Any info./advice would be greatly apreciated, and if these blood tests are urgent to be checked into further?
Thank you.
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Wish I could be there for you I really do know how you feel. The labs are concerning. Have you looked into Multiple Myeloma?
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Thank you for your reply, I am so frustrated, ill and unable to get a hold of my doctor that ordered these tests to follow-up.
I am concerned about Multiple Myeloma too.
The neurologist that did nerve testing and found alot of damage in spine nerves & demyelination recommended some tests that I think are for checking into Multiple Myeloma - The SPEP and some other tests.
But I did have the SPEP test over a yr. ago and it was OK, but Pathologist Notes on that test said "Recommend Free Light Chain Testing" or something like that if Clinically indicated.

Do you know if the SPEP test would have indicated Multiple Myeloma for sure? Or would the follow-up testing recommended be of more help?

I also wondered about if the UPEP may be more helpful to diagnose that?
Do you know of any other test that could be helpful to check on Multiple Myeloma?
I do have all the symptoms, and worsening, unbearable worsening spine & back pain, along with my blood counts progressively worsening since mid last year.

I also lost 45#s of weight within the last year (unexplained) and I continue to lose. Eating fattening foods as much as I can, but keep losing weight. Now I am all skin & bones. Feel like I am wasting away. And can't find doctors or right specialist to help.

I thank you so much for your reply and any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.
Take Care.
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